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Did a phenomenal job on my Victorinox knife that I’ve neglected to have sharpened for years. Answered my relentless questions about knives, gave me so much great information and have now got my hands on a honing steel per his recommendation so I can keep my knife working well between sharpenings. Can’t wait to do all sorts of vegetable chopping now when it’s like the blade is brand new again! Such a lovely guy - highly recommend for any sharpening needs.

A1 Sharp Sharpening Samantha Whiteley

Roy from A1 sharp is the best of the best !
After using him I will never use anyone else and I would recommend him to anyone !! Not only does he give you the best advice on your knifes he gives you a great conversation and he is generally just the best bloke to have around !

Best knife Sharp Sharpening Services In Melbourne Matthew Alex

The quality, service and advice provided was fantastic. We got our knives sharpened within an hour at a farmers market, couldn’t hang around so they were dropped at our house. Knives that haven’t been used in years are now like brand new, and the simple advice given to maintain the knives was great. 10/10 would highly recommend!!

best sharpening service Aimee Louise

To any professional Chef, Butcher or who else uses a Knife. A1 Sharp is the place to go to. Very skilled in sharpening your Knifes, Scissors.... amazing service, friendly and reliable. Highly recommend this service and grantee nobody else is ever getting my knifes again besides Roy. Thank you so much Roy for looking after my Tools and making my live easy. �

best sharpening service Heike Ikenmeyer

Honestly just a great guy who sharpens knives really well and at a good rate. Came to my place in Collingwood and sharpened 18 knives for me. Will be going back to him again!

Best knife Sharp Sharpening Services In Melbourne Jai Fresche

What a great job from A1 Sharpening.
Haven't had to buy new scissors for a couple years. Thank you Roy , you do an amazing job. Scissors I never expected to use again after you sharpened them , now they are my best. With the overlocking blades I'm sure they cut better than when they were new. You have saved me so much money �

Gaye Lumley

I had a set of 92mm planer blades from my father's old planer that were well past their expiry. Being so old, I could only find a new set in the UK for $80 and was almost going to buy them until I saw this Van at the Bayside markets. In half an hour, the old blades were brought back to better than new and now I'm happily using my father's old tools just the way they were back in the day. 5 star service, 5 star workmanship. Sharpened blades at an absolute fraction of the cost of new without buying new. Will definitely be using these services again. THANK YOU!

Best knife Sharp Sharpening Services In Melbourne Giuseppe Pavone

Thanks to Roy from A1 Sharp. He has done a superb job bringing our knives back to life and they are sharper now than when they were new. Roy knows his stuff and is full of great advice. The resident cook reckons that no vegetable will be safe again (and for that matter me either). I eventually got them done after talking about it for so long and would highly recommend this service. Thanks again Roy

A1 Sharp Sharpening Pasq Monacella

Roy is a miracle worker. He has rejuvenated and repaired all my knives and scissors. Equipment that I had thought long gone are now better than new. Great service and a super nice bloke to boot.

Affordable Sharpening in Melbourne Lisa Hardie

Previously have used A1 and will continue to. I have him sharpen my work knives and home ones too. Love that he is super friendly, great for a chat, always on time and of course the quality of his work is exceptional!! Roy definately comes highly recommended so if you need your tools for your job done right then call Roy you won’t be sorry. �

best sharpening service Amie Chiarilli Salaris

Roy did an excellent job in restoring 2 heirloom cleavers today. He is meticulous and professional. Easy to deal with and generous in sharing tips on how to maintain my knives. I will be returning to him with more knives soon. Keep up the excellent job A1!

best sharpening service Deanna Chiong

Roy you are a wizard at getting the perfect blade on my knives and a top guy to boot!Thankyou from The Bay Gourmet Food and Wine Store Venus Bay

Affordable Sharpening in Melbourne Bridget Assender

Excellent service does an awesome job with my hairdressing scissors and doesn't over charge like some others do. Roy's workmanship is at a much more superior level than the overpriced competition. So happy to have found Roy to do my sharpening. Always friendly and love our chats when he comes around. Thanks Roy

best sharpening service Andre Bonnici

A week ago I was begging my husband to get a $1000 knife block set as our knives had become blunt. We however came across Roy at the Mulgrave farmers market. He is so friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I couldn’t recommend him any more with the work he does. Would give him 10 stars if I could.

A1 Sharp Sharpening Melly Mou

My poor Shun knives where chipped missing tips and basically wrecked, now they are sharper and better than when i first purchased them, couldnt be more happier with the results, thank you so much.

Affordable Sharpening in Melbourne Kylie Burgmann Mifsud

I couldn't thank Roy enough for repairing my partners $650 knife which I somehow managed to chip! He did an incredible job fixing it. The knife looks brand new again. Thank you again Roy.

A1 Sharp Sharpening Dani McLennan

My Sashimi knife was unfortunately bent and after seeing Roy he managed to bring it back to it’s former glory by straightening it out. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my knives. Not only a top notch Blade Smith but also a great Bloke. Roy is the man 👍🏼 Very happy.

Affordable Sharpening in Melbourne Brock Thompson

What a great service from A1 Sharpening!
Had a knife set sharpened the other day after calling only the day before. Prompt, friendly service and knives sharper than the day they were bought makes us very happy customers. Will definitely be using A1 Sharpening again! Cannot reccomend more highly!

best sharpening service Alan Lawler

Always a warm and professional service. It's obvious with the end results that Roy takes a lot of pride in his work and is very passionate in what he does. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my knives. Always a pleasure. Thanks Roy.

Affordable Sharpening in Melbourne Mick Simpson

Super friendly service, quick, easy and hassle free. Very happy with how my hairdressing scissors and my kitchen knives have been sharpened. Will definitely be a regular customer . Thanks so much Roy .

Knife Sharpening Nearby Ja Ne

Just had my knifes done by Roy. He always knows how I like my edges. Knifes are always sharp. Roy is a super friendly guy and I would recommend him to anyone always providing good services and prices. 🤘🤘

A1 Sharp Sharpening Phil Lee
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