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Knife Sharpening Service


We specialise in all matter of knives, from turning knives, paring knives, carving knives and so on, whatever the knife is we will always do everything to get the best result for your knives.
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A1 SHARP Sharpening Offers a A Convenient Garden tools Sharpening service SERVICE Throughout Victoria. Our Specialised SHARPENERS Will come to yoy and SHARPEN your knives and tools on the spot.You can also get garden tool sharpener.
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There has been many type of scissors sharpened at A1 SHARP, from craft scissors, material scissors and hair dressing. We use a known and proven method guaranteeing a better than new cut every time.
Scissor Sharpening Services Morwell
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Tool Sharpening at A1 SHARP is a whole new level, we will restore all your tools to how they should be whether the odd garden tools, or hand tool we will do most on the spot for same day service. Specialised items such as.Get more idea Click on
Tools Knife Sharpner Morwell
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Clipper blade- A1 SHARP sharpens all type of Clipper blades and trimmers both for human and animal use. We have sharpened all brands and sizes of blades e.g. Wahl, Oster, Andis, Heiniger and most generic brands to name the few. We also service most brands of clipper machine and replace , repair parts for most models. We guarantee your blades to cut cleanly and work the way they should. With a number of Veterinary clinics and Groomers relying on A1 Sharp to do the job properly. Same day service and return on most blades. Give us a call for enquiries.

Knife sharpening - A1 Sharp Sharpening Services offer various methods of sharpening according to the Knife being sharpened, basic Knife sharpening starts at $10 and may be varied according to the method e.g Japanese knives are done in four process of whetstone, starting with 600grit, 1000grit, 4000grit and finished up to 10000grit but most given times 4000grit finish is sufficient.. (whetstone sharpening start at $20). A1 SHARP also specialises in German knives predominantly setting a sharper factory edge. At A1 Sharp we sharpen all different knives from all over the world, we can only guarantee that your dull and blunt items will be as sharp as it should be. We'll even show you how to maintain your knives and make recommendations on the best method for your use, to keep them sharp longer.

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